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Whether you are interested in learning piano to create your path to a rewarding career as a performing artist or merely want to learn for a hobby, then look no further. Here, at Young Virtuosos Music Group, we offer online and in-person piano lessons, as well as music theory, composition, improvisation, and music technology.

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"I can't wait to have my piano lesson again. It is fun. I want to learn how to play "For Elise" by Beethoven. It is my favorite song."

Richard Han

"My son loves and enjoys his piano lessons. He recently won a festival, and it made him more motivated. He now wants to practice even more and try to perform in competitions."

Audrey Kastella

"I tried piano lessons with a few teachers in the past, but none of them could trigger my interest in learning and keep me motivated. Everything changed ever since my friends introduced me to my current teacher at Young Virtuosos Music Group. I truly enjoy my lessons now and consider majoring in piano performance."

Laura Ferrer

"I adore playing the piano. I also have a broad interest in technology. Experimenting both together opens new horizons and ways to the world of music. I learn to improvise and record my music using apps and software, layer sounds of different instruments just by playing my keyboard. That's a valuable skill I master here, at the Young Virtuosos Music Group. It is so awesome!"

Stephanie Chad

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