At Young Virtuosos Music Group, you can find a wide range of music lessons that will satisfy your needs. We offer online and in-person piano lessons, music theory, composition, improvisation, and music technology. We hold online sessions via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or any other platform of your choice, and in-person sessions at the comfort of students' homes.

Piano Lessons

Every student has a personality, a different set of skills, and a different learning pace. Our job is to tailor a personalized approach to everyone. It is essential to find suitable compositions that would sound great, be fun to play, yet solve problems creatively and musically. That's what keeps our students engaged and makes us successful. Playing the piano, regardless of professionally or as a hobby, takes knowledge and skills. Recognizing the notes and pressing on the keys doesn't necessarily mean it will sound well. Music needs to please the audience, be touching, emotional, and colorful. We teach creative thinking in the form of music.

Music Theory

Learning music theory is very beneficial in many aspects. It teaches how to read and write musical notes and all the grammar behind it. Knowing music theory can open new possibilities for students and take their musical journey to the next level. It can help learning compositions with ease, help in improvising and composing. By having some basic knowledge of theory, students can understand how musical compositions are structured, how melodies and accompanying lines interact. Music theory builds a solid foundation in understanding the logic of songs and musical compositions.

Improvisation & Composition

Learning compositions by other composers is a great way to gain knowledge and technical skills. However, sometimes students want to play tunes from movies, YouTube, or other sources. Or want to create their music. That is when improvisation and composition come into play. We teach students how to play any tune by ear without having the music sheet. They learn how to add supporting chords and parts to make rich accompaniment. Knowing how to improvise is a lifelong skill. Composition is another creative process that allows students to write their improvised piece of music and edit it. Composing students can add new sections to their artwork or improve the existing ones, turn their works into masterpieces and publish them.

Music Technology

Technology integrated into every aspect of our lives, and music is no different. We teach students how to use music creating and notation apps and software to take their creativity to the next level. Students learn how to layer sounds of different instruments in the context of a band or an orchestra to produce professional-sounding recordings on a computer just by playing a keyboard.